About Me

I am a qualified Counsellor based in Prestwich, Manchester. I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). 

Sometimes, external pressures get in the way of living truly fulfilling lives. These pressures may be inspired by society, peers or family; and this can create conflicts which make us feel worse. 

I specialise in Person Centred counselling, which is based on the premise that we can achieve change by discovering and reconnecting with our true selves. As Carl Rogers once said, “The curious paradox is that when I can accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

My approach is non-directive, which allows the client to take the lead in the session. I will work to understand your frame of reference, your thoughts and your emotions. I provide a safe and trusting counselling relationship where you can explore your thoughts and feelings without judgement; and through this exploration, growth and positive change can occur.

I provide short-term and long-term counselling, and I can help with many issues, including (but not limited to) anxiety,

childhood trauma, bereavement, depression, guilt, identity issues, low self-esteem, family / relationship problems, and work-related stress.

As well as face-to-face, I provide telephone and online counselling (via Zoom). Zoom is a piece of software which is free to download, and this allows us to have a counselling session via webcam.


I trained to become a counsellor several years after I completed my degree in Visual Art and Culture.  My artistic skills enabled me to initiate creative workshops in schools and in charities that I worked for. The therapeutic value of these workshops was observed. I've always felt that art, play, and poetry reveal a lot of hidden depth about us and our perceptual lens, and how this collides with experience.

Throughout our work together, I may offer a creative activity for a future session, if I feel that it may benefit you. But I will be led by you on this. If this is something that you don't feel comfortable with, then please let me know.


I hold a Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy, and I am currently undertaking a research project about creative interventions in therapy, as part of my MSc qualification in Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Relevant Qualifications

Post Graduate Diploma Counselling & Psychotherapy - University of Salford (2019)

Counselling Skills  - The Manchester College (2017)

Counselling Concepts - The Manchester College (2016)

BA (Hons) Visual Art & Culture  - University of Salford (2007)


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Supporting & Counselling People Bereaved During the Covid-19 Pandemic - John Wilson PhD (2020)

Trauma and Somatic Memory - Confer (2020)

Rewind - Dr. David Muss (2020)

Dealing with Distress: Working with Suicide and Self-Harm - Carolyn Spring (2020)

Experiential and Body-Based Pilot - (2020)

Online and Telephone Counselling - Counselling Tutor (2020)

Domestic Violence Training Programme - University of Salford (2019)

Minding the Gaps (Mindfulness)  - University of Salford (2019)

Trauma, The Brain, and Recovery - Mindbody Breakthrough (2019)

Treating Intrusive Thoughts & the Inner Critical Voice - Mindbody Breakthrough (2019)

Working with Mental Health in the Workplace - BACP (2019)

Transactional Analysis 101  - University of Salford (2018)

Integrating Artwork into Counselling Practice - BACP (2018)