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About Counselling

You are unique. This includes your history, your experiences, your reactions to events, your thoughts and your feelings. This is why diagnoses often give an unsatisfactory explanation of our process, as they only provide a shorthand description of our experience. 

In today's society, we are encouraged to bottle up our

feelings. We are told to "snap out of it", or "suck it up",

but whatever we dismiss doesn't disappear. Ignored

feelings will always find another way to grab our attention. 

Counselling begins by building a safe, trusting therapeutic

relationship, and the counselling space will be the

base for illuminating your thoughts and

emotions about your current or past life situations. Through

this exploration, you will gain greater self-awareness;

which will help you to discover your own solutions and

your own power. This will pave the way for positive change.

Reasons for Accessing Counselling

There are many reasons why people seek counselling. Life can be challenging at times and can make us feel alone, depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed. Sometimes, we may not even be aware of what's causing our distress because we don't have the space to

get to the root of what's troubling us. 
Perhaps you want to make sense of what is happening, and

you want to explore how life-events are making you feel. 

I know how unsettling it can feel to attend counselling at

first, and I know it may not be an easy journey for you,

but I will work hard to make you feel at ease, and I

will be a consistent presence on your journey.

I aim to help you explore how life events are making

you feel, in a safe, confidential space where you will be

heard without judgment.


Giving this focus to your feelings can help you to ultimately feel happier, and more in control of your life.

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