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Life Adjustments During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As a society, we are currently undergoing massive changes. Systems and liberties which have very much been operating behind the scenes of our existence for most of our lives have been significantly reduced.

The constant news stream about COVID-19 is enough to unsettle most of us, as it has called for a drastic adaptation of how we live our lives. More and more of us need to work from home, this includes myself as the need to be mindful of social distancing has meant that face-to-face counselling sessions are not possible for the foreseeable future.

I now deliver telephone and online video counselling using an app. I have taken measures so that so that the content of our sessions are protected, and clients need to ensure that they have access to a safe and private space where they won’t be disturbed or overheard.

Survival Tips

Nurture friendships:

The need to self-isolate can engender the feeling of estrangement from your support network. Beyond telephone and video calling, there are innovative ways of maintaining contact with your family and friends. E.g. you could organise a Netflix Watch Party which would involve watching the same movie, and chatting as you normally would when you gather face-to-face.

Maintain physical and mental health

Physical and mental health are inextricably linked, so maintaining physical health is likely to influence a positive state of mind. As per government guidelines, we are allowed out to exercise once per day; though it is important to adhere to governmental guidance whilst doing this, so that you keep yourself and others safe.

There are also lots of yoga and exercise videos on you tube. You could do these workouts in your garden or in your home.

New Opportunities

We are aware of how this situation hinders us. But what opportunities does the lockdown bring? Maybe you were fulfilling a lot of duties before which left very little ‘you’ time? The reduction in workload may have given you the rest that you needed. What do you now have time to do that you didn’t have time to do before? Maybe there is a hobby or interest that has been neglected of late, due to your busy schedule getting in the way.

Maybe there is something that you can immerse yourself in that you never considered before.

Here are some great sites with innovative ways to spend time:

3. Things to do during lockdown: 10 things you can do to stop boredom this weekend

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